Get Involved!

All Wesleyan students, regardless of major or math background, are welcome to join the 3D printing project!

Participants will be responsible for:

  • attending occasional group meetings (likely in the evenings)
  • meeting individually with Profs Adeboye and Constantine to discuss the designs
  • for contributing to the design of their models in a timely fashion (so we can conclude the printing by the spring)
  • learning some of the mathematics behind their models (at a level appropriate for each participant)
  • learning the basics of 3D design and printing using Mathematica, and designing or co-designing at least one model

We hope this level of commitment will make for some worthwhile learning, while still allowing a fair number of students to join.  Students interested in designing more complicated models are welcome to devote as much time as they like to their designs.

To join the project, fill out this form and return it to Prof Adeboye (ESC 647) or Prof Constantine (ESC 609) as soon as possible.