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Solving problems with Blender

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have encountered two problems with our design process using Mathematica that produce models that might not successfully print.  I’ve found some ways to solve these problems using a free 3D design software … Continue reading

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3D design and printing — overview

The purpose of this post is to give a start to finish overview of the 3D design and printing process we have been using.  I’ll illustrate it with examples from one of our recent models. Mathematica design:  Any program which … Continue reading

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More software resources

Here are a few more software resources to check out.  They may be particularly useful for those who can’t get MakerWare to run on their computers. Skeinforge is an alternative to makerware.  It converts .stl files into gcode files.  Gcode … Continue reading

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First meeting wrapup

Thanks to all who came to our first group meeting — it was a lot of fun working with you. As promised, click here for the Mathematica notebook we used in the meeting today do design the models Prof. Adeboye … Continue reading

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Software resources

Here are some software resources your will need for designing and printing models.  They are all available for free to Wesleyan students. Mathematica Mathematica does all sorts of mathematics, including numerical computations, symbolic manipulation, and — most important for our … Continue reading

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This post collects some resources about 3D printing in general and 3D math models specifically. This paper, by Henry Segerman, is a great place to start learning about 3D printing math models. This paper, by Schleimer and Segerman has some … Continue reading

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