First meeting wrapup

Thanks to all who came to our first group meeting — it was a lot of fun working with you.

As promised, click here for the Mathematica notebook we used in the meeting today do design the models Prof. Adeboye introduced. If you are new to graphics in Mathematica, playing around with this example might be a good place to start.

And here is the Mathematica cheat sheet I passed out during the meeting.

As we said at the meeting, we are soliciting a few volunteers (individually or in small groups) who would like to take on the examples we looked at today as first design projects.  We hope to print them soon, at which point we’ll all get to see the printer in action.

Other folks should start thinking about models you might want to design.  A good place to start would be our Suggested Models page, but please bring your own ideas as well — from things you’re seeing class to things you can find online.  There are plenty of options!

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