Software resources

Here are some software resources your will need for designing and printing models.  They are all available for free to Wesleyan students.

  • Mathematica
    • Mathematica does all sorts of mathematics, including numerical computations, symbolic manipulation, and — most important for our purposes — graphical representation.  It is the most direct method for producing the graphics files we want.
    • Generally quite expensive, Wes students can download a copy for free from WesFiles in the following way: Go to WesFiles. Click the yellow folder under the cardinal in the upper-left-hand corner.  Follow the folder path software -> (Linux/Mac/PC)Soft (as appropriate) -> All -> Mathematica for Students -> Mathematica 9.0 and download the .dmg file to install.  Also in the Mathematica for Students file you will find Mathematica_Student_Activation.txt, which has instructions for obtaining an activation key for your copy of the program.
  • Makerware
    • This is the software which connects directly to Wesleyan’s printers.  It can also perform some (simple) manipulation of the models.  Other 3D graphics programs produce .stl files; Makerware converts these into .x3g files which can be sent directly to the printer.
    • Makerware can be downloaded for free from:
  • Blender
    • For some more complicated design project, we may have to design directly through a 3D design program.  There are many of these; Blender is a free, open source one.
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