This post collects some resources about 3D printing in general and 3D math models specifically.

  • This paper, by Henry Segerman, is a great place to start learning about 3D printing math models.
  • This paper, by Schleimer and Segerman has some more ideas and and explanation of a way to model in R^3 objects which are not naturally 3-dimensional.
  • This nice post from the Simons Foundation provides more general ideas.
  • This paper, by George Hart, has a fair amount of detail on ways one can use Mathematica’s programming abilities to generate some interesting models.
  • This paper, by Knill and Slavkovsky, contains many possible models and a lot of info on ways to produce them in Mathematica.

Related to 3D printing in general:

  • Wesleyan’s 3D printers are from Makerbot.  Thingiverse has a lot of online resources and ideas about printing with these machines in general.
  • and more to come…
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