3D Printing of Mathematical Models — An Invitation

On Thursday, Sept 26th, Professors Adeboye and Constantine will give a talk introducing the project in the Undergraduate Math Club meeting.  Here’s the blurb:

Undergrad Math Club Meeting: Thursday, September 26 at noon in the Woodhead Lounge.

From Platonic solids in a geometry to graphs of surfaces in Calc 3 to knots and Klein bottles in topology, being able to visualize the sometimes complicated geometric objects which appear throughout mathematics is key to understanding and working with them. And these objects are not only important to geometers and topologists. Geometric models and intuition help us understand topics in analysis and algebra as well.

3D printing provides a new and very versatile way to produce models of various geometrical objects (at least the ones that can be modeled in 3-dimensional space!). In this talk we will announce a project you can be involved in to conceive, design, and print 3D models of mathematical objects.  Participants in the project will learn about these objects, about the 3D printing process itself, and will learn to design objects which we will print on Wesleyan’s new 3D printers.

Students of all levels are welcome to join the project!  We’ll show you some possible objects to design, at least one printed example, and we’ll tell you about the how the project will run and what joining entails.

Be sure to come by and hear about the project. Pizza will be served!

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